Emporia, KS: District is looking at social-emotional learning at all levels, K-12

Feb 17, 2018, Emporia (KS) Gazette: Student safety top priority for Emporia Public Schools … Another area where the district is working to prevent a tragedies before they begin locally is through the Kansans Can social - emotional learning initiative. “These things happen when people are hurting,” Bolin said. “These two conservations of school safety and learning go hand in hand with social - emotional. When we see people who are hurting, when we recognize what triggers our children, and when grown ups reach out to someone that’s hurting — all of those things — just recognize those who are hurting and come together and support one another. That social - emotional piece is huge.” “We’re looking at that social - emotional piece at all levels,” Landgren added. “From preschool to seniors, it’s all levels. We want to make sure that the community knows that we’re working with those and we have these things in place.”