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Ellsworth, WI: SPED elementary school students retrained/secluded due to violent behavior

Aug 16, 2018, Pierce County (WI) Herald: Seclusion and restraint report shows need for mental health resources Ellsworth Elementary School principal and director of special education Mary Zimmerman presented the Ellsworth School Board with the district's 2018 Seclusion and Restraint Report on Monday, Aug. 13, and told the board that violent behavior from young students continues to be a major concern at Ellsworth Elementary School. During the 2017-18 school year, 29 students in the district were secluded, all of whom were EES students. Twenty-seven of the 30 students who were restrained were elementary students, while the three remaining incidents took place at Ellsworth Middle School. There were 26 reported incidents involving students being both secluded and restrained, all of which were reported at EES. All 16 of the students involved in the incidents were students with disabilities. Zimmerman described the behaviors of said students as being "extremely volatile, physically aggressive and violent."… The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction's website states that, "Seclusion and/or physical restraint may be used only when a student's behavior presents a clear, present and imminent risk to the physical safety of the student or others, and it is the least restrictive intervention feasible."… The district has held seclusion and restraint trainings in order to address these concerns and to teach staff how to treat such instances properly. "My position has always been that I don't want our staff to be punched and kicked and bit," Zimmerman said….

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