Edwardsville, IL: "Mental health issues represent a ticking bomb at the nation’s colleges"

Sept 18, 2017, Edwardsville (IL) Intelligencer: Mental health on campuses requires more attention The problem of college students with mental health issues is not new, but the ramifications of this oftentimes hidden issue is becoming more and more acute for those of us who work on campuses. And while there hasn’t been a major violent situation lately – such as the 2007 Virginia Tech massacre – we all sense that mental health issues represent a ticking bomb at the nation’s colleges and universities. ... The percentage of college students seeking support for mental health issues at all levels is increasing, and that most campuses are not responding appropriately to their needs. This lack of resources impacts students’ ability to succeed in college. Students with problems such as stress, substance abuse, eating disorders, and suicidal ideation “continue to face barriers to accessing counseling services on campus and in receiving disability-related accommodations that are necessary to help them participate in their education on an equal footing with students without disabilities,” according to the report, which calls