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Edmonds, WA: "Gaps" in state funding to cause $39M deficit by 2022; $5M for SPED

Aug 12, 2018, My Edmonds (WA) News: Edmonds School District predicts $39M deficit by the end of 20 22 By the end of the year 2022, the Edmonds School District is projected to be about $39 million in the red…. Mhyre also identified specific gaps in education funding from the state. For example, the state pays for 25 librarians, but the Edmonds School District employs 33. The state allocates three nurses district-wide, but the district currently has 12. The Edmonds School District has 49 counselors, but the state only funds 39. In order to make up the funding gap specifically for basic education staff, the Edmonds School District would need an additional $35 million from the state. Special education programs need an additional $5 million. …


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