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Edison, NJ: Local library to become special needs recreation center; 1,900 students eligible

Sept 23, 2022, Patch New Jersey: New Special Needs Programming Center Coming To Edison

EDISON, NJ — The Edison Public Library will be converting one of its branches into a new facility for special needs youth, Edison Mayor Sam Joshi announced.

The Clara Barton Library branch will be converted into a special needs recreation and programming center, allowing children and young adults with disabilities, especially those with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Multiple Disabilities (MD), or other health impairments (OHI), to socialize, play and build life skills.

The second floor of the building will house a sensory gym with equipment that includes trampolines, tactile features, and more.

“Our Township has a wonderful school system that serves the needs of students of all abilities,” Joshi said in a statement. “We are happy and proud to announce this center that will supplement our students’ education. This center will affirm my administration’s belief and commitment to our students. When given the right resources, everyone can thrive.”

Edison school district officials estimate that about 1,900 students in the Township are eligible for Special Education services….


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