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Edison, NJ: 1/35 4 yr olds with autism "in part" due to"early detection/awareness"

April 15, 2019, New Jersey News12: CDC: 1 in 35 NJ 4-year-olds are on the autism spectrum A new study says New Jersey tops the country when it comes to diagnosing preschool students with autism. A new study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that 1 in 59 4-year-olds nationwide were identified on the spectrum. In New Jersey, the likelihood rises to 1 in 35. … Michelle Perez believes that number is in part due to early detection and awareness in New Jersey. She says it starts with physicians. "She was able to figure out a lot of things that we didn't get it in New York, a lot of answers in terms of conditions and new things that were probably there, but they didn't catch it," says Perez. Perez adds that New Jersey offers a school system that individualizes needs and in-home care, as well as other specialized services.


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