Eau Claire, WI: Sensory room helps elementary students to calm down and focus

Jan 4, 2018, NBC4, Tucson, AZ: Brain break: Sensory room helps students refocus A Wisconsin school is helping kids focus through fun with a new sensory room. The room features swings, trampolines and even a sandbox. Special Education Assistant Cheryl Moss created the room with the grant money she received from her Golden Apple Award in February. "There are a lot of times where kids get so frustrated and they can't move on, or they're stuck, and sometimes they just need a place to go where they can just unwind a little bit," said Moss. About 10-15 students use the room each day. Originally, it was meant for special education students, but teachers say it's a room all kids can benefit from. "Kids that just need to take a five minute break because they're too fidgety, or they just need a few minutes to compose themselves. Rooms like this can help kids calm down and get the time they need to really get the education that they're supposed to be getting," said Special Education Assistant Jean Derfus. So far, teachers say the sensory room has been a huge success for all students at Northwoods Elementary.