Eau Claire, WI: Grant $ for sensory room with trampolines where kids can 'let their emotions out'

Dec 7, 2017, WEAU-TV, Eau Claire, WI: Sensory room comes together at Northwoods Elementary Special Education Assistant Cheryl Moss was awarded several hundred dollars from the Eau Claire Public Schools Foundation. With those funds put to good use, Moss is ready to reveal what she's done. From spinners, to buttons, wheels to zippers, Northwoods Elementary School's sensory "Zen" room has now come together. “Our kids needed this in our building and so we just kind of put things together and said let’s do sensory, different types of tools so we can work with our kids. This is what we came up with and it's been a success,” says Moss. Special Education Assistant Cheryl Moss was awarded a Golden Apple Award in February, grant money given to put toward whatever she wanted for the school. “So many of our children learn in such different ways, so I talked to a few different people about what's important and what do we need,” she says. Moss decided on a sensory room to help kids take a break and re set during their day. “We have the trampolines, some kids really need to jump and just to let their emotions out. There are a lot of times where kids get so frustrated and they can't move on or they're stuck and sometimes they just need a place to go where they can just unwind a little bit and this is the place,” says Moss. Right now about 10-15 students use the room per day. Originally the room was meant for special education students, but teachers say it's a room all students can benefit from. “Kids that just need to take a 5 minute break because they're too fidgety or they just need a few minutes to compose themselves. Rooms like this can help kids calm down and get the time they need to really get the education that they're supposed to be getting,” says Special Education Assistant Jean Derfu

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