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East Lansing, MI: New elem: "natural lighting" for ASD students; "calming spaces" in each building

Nov 16, 2018, East Lansing (MI) State News: East Lansing elementary schools see progress on major upgrades East Lansing’s Whitehills Elementary School will be up and running with a brand-new building for the fall of 2020. … That construction project is part of a larger plan to build five new elementary schools, renovate Red Cedar Elementary and rebuild four others, including Whitehills, Pinecrest and Marble Elementary Schools are already under construction. … One point of interest for the crowd was the use of natural and LED lighting, an important provision for children with autism — given that fluorescent lights are prone to humming and flickering, Bosch said. There will also be breakout rooms between each pair of classrooms and calming spaces in each building for children who may need them.


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