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E. Peoria, IL: Family needs residential care for self-harming autistic 10 y.o.

July 19, 2023, News 25, East Peoria, IL: Family still faces tough choices to help 10-year-old boy with autism, self-harming

Video: News 25: We told the Goodwin family’s story back in April when 10 year old Connor started self-harming for reasons they can’t understand. They’re trying to chase down the cause of his behavior, trying different methods and medications to keep him safe.

Now they believe he needs a live-in care facility, and it’s another challenge to find one to fit his needs in the state of Illinois.

Grandmother: “We just feel like we are failing him 100 percent, but we don’t know what to do.” News 25: This has been Carol Goodwin’s life recently. Her 10 year old grandson Connor has autism. He was doing well for most of his life, even attending school .

In just over a year, he started hitting himself on the head leading to bruises and cuts on his face. …

Connor is essentially in need of 24/7 care. His family is looking for a facility that can take him in, but keep finding dead ends in Illinois.

Grandmother: “…They’re full.”

Chuck Hartseil, Consultant, Advocate: “Central Illinois really does not have many residential facilities available within it.”

News 25: It’s at least a six month process to apply to a facility and a long road if you need to seek help outside Illinois. Options are limited in order to get that care funded by the state….

Grandmother: “He can’t be the first one. And if he is, let’s do something to make sure he’s the only one, because if there’s more children out there doing this, then the parents are feeling what we are feeling absolutely worthless to this child.”


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