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E. Pennsboro, PA: District gets therapy dog; "added resource" for "calming kids down"

Oct 19, 2018, Fox43, York, PA: Therapy dog working to help students in East Pennsboro School District There's a new member of the East Pennsboro School District but she may look a bit different. … Her name is Murphy and she's a 5-month-old labradoodle who is now the district's therapy dog. She just completed her second week at East Pennsboro Middle School where school officials say they didn't realize how much she was needed until she got there. … "When students are in a situation where they are emotionally escalated and we need to de-escalate them or help them, Murphy comes in and is just an added resource to help us get past that initial barrier of calming the kids down," said Justin Newkam, assistant principal at East Pennsboro Middle School. … In the future the district hopes to be able to have a therapy dog in each of its four schools.

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