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E. Columbus, OH: Elementary school provides for the social/emotional needs of students

May 15, 2018, ABC6, Columbus, OH: East Columbus school helps kids cope with negative emotions through trauma training Inside Jessica Bedra's classroom at Ohio Avenue Elementary you'll find students using pedal desks and bouncing their feet on rubber bands. Down the hall a student is walking a road map on the floor outside his classroom. "They can take as much time as they need to take a break, but it's a structured break and it's working their brain in a different way," says Principal Olympia Della Flora. The school’s disciplinary room is called the peak room, but it’s colorful and friendly. "We have the trampoline for the little ones. We have puzzles. Anything immediately when they come in upset, that we can switch their brains and get them not to be upset helps deescalate them," adds Della Flora. These are some of the school’s regulation stations where kids go to take a mental break when they need it. "It's okay to be mad, but what does that look like when it's acceptable," says Bedra. …

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