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Durham, NC: Parents should have "back-to-school" plan for kids with seizures

Aug 17, 2017, Durham (NC) Region: Back-to-school means planning and communication for Durham students with epilepsy Epilepsy Durham Region is 'inundated' with crisis calls every fall Melike Ceylan-Leamen doesn’t mince words when she talks about her son, Aydin Leamen, being diagnosed with epilepsy when he was in kindergarten. “It was a gut punch,” the local mom says. “Shock was the first piece, but then you realize multiple, lifelong changes are going to happen. That all kind of hits you at once.” When he was first diagnosed, Aydin — now nine and heading into Grade 4 — had up to 100 seizures a day. ... With a new school year just around the corner, experts say this is a key message to share with the community. “Every fall, we are inundated with phone calls the first few weeks of school, many of them are crisis calls,” says Dianne McKenzie, executive director at Epilepsy Durham Region, a nonprofit group that provides support, advocacy and public education. McKenzie is urging families of students with epilepsy — or any serious medical condition — to create a back-to-school plan that includes things such as: changes in medication or health care providers; emergency response protocols; and strategies for dealing with symptoms or medication side effects.

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