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Douglas Cty, GA: District one of 5 in state named "asthma friendly"; school nurses are trained

June 26, 2018, Douglas Cty. (GA) Patch: Douglas County Named One Of 5 GA Asthma Friendly School Systems The Douglas County School System is now one of five school systems across the state committed to adopting asthma-friendly policies and procedures designed to serve students living with asthma. … …All Douglas County Schools now support asthma self-management in children by adopting asthma-friendly policies and procedures. This includes coordinating communication with physicians, school personnel, children with asthma and their families, and by providing asthma education for students and staff…. After some research, school officials reached out to the Cobb & Douglas Health Department (CDPH), the Georgia Department of Education and the Georgia Asthma Coalition to secure training for school nurses and health monitors to administer emergency asthma medications. Douglas County School System Superintendent Trent North sought resources to stock epinephrine and albuterol. "Being prepared is critical for asthma emergencies. By ensuring our schools have emergency supplies of stock albuterol on site, we can keep all children with asthma safe."…


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