(Canada) ON: "Growing problem of school violence"; 26% of students are SPED

Mar 22, 2018, (Canada) Hamilton (Ontario) Spectrum: Violence on rise in local schools Teachers, educational assistants, administrators, academics, parents and students agree there’s a growing problem with school violence but they don’t agree on what to do about it … If Ivan is prone to aggressive outbursts, it's not entirely his fault. He has autism, obsessive compulsive disorder and Tourette's syndrome. And unions representing teachers and educational assistants in Ontario don't blame kids like him. But they say a lack of government funding for special-needs students is leaving them ill-equipped to deal with violence in classrooms. In September 2017, the Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association noted it is "becoming increasingly evident that some students are not getting the support they need, which can result in negative behaviours." That ranges from verbal harassment and threats to physical assault and incidents involving weapons, the association said in a report. … There are about 12,000 students receiving special-education services in the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board, which accounts for about 26 per cent of total enrolment. … In 2016-17, there were 2,764 reports involving all staff compared to 1,570 in 2014-15 in the Hamilton public board. Halton's public board, which has more students than Hamilton's displays a similar trend with 3,218 reports in 2016-17 compared to 2,120 in 2014-15. These figures don't include student-on-student violence. …

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