Detroit, MI: In-school clinic serves physical and mental health needs

Sept 8, 2017, High school-based clinic improves students' health Staff offers variety of physical, mental health services Ladell Watson was a top student at River Rouge High School, but his severe asthma and allergies were out of control. "I couldn't breathe one day in the school, and I ended up having to come down to the clinic to get help," said Watson. He's referring to the Beaumont Teen Health Center, located inside River Rouge High School. "I was able to get everything I needed, including an extra inhaler," Watson said. "The clinic makes you know that you have somebody downstairs that you can go to at anytime. If your asthma is not okay, you're not okay at all." "We really embrace the idea that a healthy student is going to be more academically successful," said Maureen Murphy, the clinic's nurse practitioner…. Like Watson, an estimated 20 percent of the students that visit the clinic have asthma…. The Beaumont Teen Health Center is supported by the Beaumont Foundation and grants from the state.... The clinic also performs school and sports physicals, treats routine illnesses and injuries, offers vaccines and can test for and treat sexually transmitted diseases. But the clinic doesn't just handle physical health. Social worker and therapist Justin Follebout is also on staff. A two-year grant from the Jewish Fund makes him available full-time to the students. Every visit to the clinic also includes a mental health assessment.