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Detroit: Local mom builds "first autism-inclusive gym"

July 28, 2023, WXYZ, Detroit: Detroit woman works to build city's first autism-inclusive gym

According to the CDC, one in 36 people in the U.S. are on the autism spectrum, and although awareness and resources have increased over the years, many families feel more needs to be done.

One local mom is determined to find a safe place for her son to play, and she's in the process of building Detroit's first autism-inclusive gym.

Tiera Turner's son was diagnosed with autism in 2019, just before his third birthday. …

She created her own walk, starting with just her family and growing to more than 100 people in just three years.

Turner took a similar approach of creating something you want with the gym.

"We need a space where we do not have to apologize for your child," Turner said.

She's in the process of securing grants and crowdfunding to establish "We Rock the Spectrum."

"We have offerings for sensory rooms, which means different rooms so they can calm down. We are going to have a water room, a sand room. I can’t wait to see these visions come to life," Turner said.

The plan is still surreal for Joanna Lofton, who remembers her struggles 30 years ago when she was left with little resources and little hope for her son, who is on the spectrum….

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