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Des Moines, IA: Nat'l conference on how trauma from home affects students

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

Aug 12, 2019, WHO TV, Des Moines, IA: Hundreds of Educators Learn New Skills at Summit on School Climate and Culture DES MOINES, Iowa -- Before the new school year starts, teachers from across the nation are learning some new skills to take with them into the classroom. Hundreds of educators from 27 different states are expected to attend the Summit on School Climate and Culture. “The focus here is really how do teachers, how do principals, how do counselors deal with issues, set up an environment in their classrooms to be more aware and more responsive of all the different needs and sometimes challenges that students bring to school with them,” Des Moines Public Schools Director of Communications and Public Affairs Phil Roeder said. Educators say this conference creates a safe space to learn and discuss difficult topics…. Teachers say they deal with all sorts of issues including, race, gender identity, mental health and trauma on top of the curriculum. “What kind of trauma is going on in their life, what kind of things are happening at home, and just bridging that gap between the expectations and standards at home versus those in the school building and in the classroom,” McCombs Middle School Associate Principal Sarai Tillinghast said. …


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