Denver: Sensory garden for disabled students to relieve stress

Oct 15, 2017, Denver Post: Congress Park school gets a sensory garden in Denver A group of volunteers were hard at work on Sunday planting trees and plants in a sensory garden where students, many of them disabled, will play, learn and shed their stress. … One-half of the 220 students, all between 2- and 5-years-old, at Sewall have physical and neurological impairments, including autism, visual, or hearing disabilities, behavioral challenges and other problems. Others do not, said Heidi Heissenbuttel, CEO of Sewall, a non-profit early education center. Another 150 children attend REACH, a charter school in the Denver Public Schools system, and an independent not-for-profit corporation, that serves children from pre-kindergarten through fourth grade. Students at the school include both those with and without disabilities.