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Denver: District reports kids as young as 7 handcuffed 27 times so far this year; 33 times last year

May 18, 2019, Colorado Politics: Denver school board considers limiting use of handcuffs on young students Following an incident in which a Denver family went public with the story of their 7-year-old son being handcuffed by a school security officer, the Denver Public Schools board is considering banning the use of handcuffs on elementary students, with the exception of fourth- and fifth-grade students in certain situations…. The school board decided to delay voting on the resolution to give impacted families an opportunity to weigh in on what it should say. One of those families addressed the board. “I don’t understand why there’s even handcuffs in the schools at all, particularly in elementary schools,” said Samantha Pryor, whose 7-year-old son was handcuffed last month…. Earlier this month, the district reported that school safety officers had handcuffed students 27 times so far this school year. Last school year, handcuffs were used 31 times, the district said….


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