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Delta Airlines accommodates autistic customers

Oct 31, 2022, News Delta: For customers on the autism spectrum, the Delta travel experience is welcoming

Air travel can be a challenging experience for customers – especially those with cognitive disabilities such as autism spectrum disorder – but there are a number of resources available so it doesn’t have to be.

In addition to Delta-curated tools like multi-sensory rooms, our partners at airports and the Transportation Security Administration can help make the journey an accessible one, no matter what your needs may be.

Eric and Christina Hanson travel frequently with their 10-year-old daughter Bella and encourage others with autism to travel, frequently posting about their journeys on social media. Christina noted that Bella has flown more than 40,000 miles over the last two years, and Delta has provided a wonderful travel experience....


Delta partners with airports in two of our busiest hubs – Atlanta and Minneapolis – to give families the opportunity to practice in a hands-on environment. The familiarization tours allow families with disabilities to come and practice the process of traveling through an airport in preparation to travel.

Atlanta tours: On these monthly tours, Delta volunteers guide participants through experiences such as TSA security screening procedures, exploring the terminal and boarding a plane. Participants can also gather "inside flying tips" from volunteers who have connections to people with cognitive or physical disabilities.

Navigating MSP: This program offers free practice runs through the airport and on aircraft for children and adults who may experience discomfort when flying. Delta has partnered with local authorities to create a mock cabin that can be used when an actual aircraft is not available. The program volunteers are Delta employees who have a family member with a disability. They answer questions and provide friendly advice and encouragement during the tours.


To make travel more enjoyable for individuals with sensory sensitivities and their families, there are supportive and safe environments within multisensory rooms. These rooms include calming colors, sounds and activities. Delta created sensory rooms in Atlanta and New York that can be accessed by ticketed passengers based on individual need. Please locate any Delta Red Coat for assistance.

A number of other airports across the U.S., as well as one location in Ireland, offer multisensory rooms for all customers:

Eric Hanson with his daughter, Bella.


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