Deerfield,VT: Therapy dog helps students with 'severe behavior challenges'

Sept 2, 2017, Deerfield (VT) Valley News: What’s black and white with hugs all over? Therapy dog to be used at elementary school Jovi won’t be the first dog that Golembeski brings to school. She says a few years ago, principal Rebecca Fillion asked her to bring in one of her retired therapy dogs, Elory. She ended up bringing him in twice a week, and she says the differences she saw in her students with intensive needs were astounding. “When I started bringing Elory in, I started seeing some kids who were nonverbal become verbal,” says Golembeski. “I saw kids with severe behavior challenges whose escalated behavior dropped. I’ve trained guide dogs for a long time and I’ve known the power of dogs, but it took me by surprise. It was truly beautiful.”