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De Pere, WI: School therapy dog helps kids deal with anxiety/panic attacks

May 17, 2019, NBC 26, Green Bay, WI: Partners in Education: A companion students find comfort and a best friend in, Fenton, he's much more than a dog DE PERE, Wis. — In a hectic day of a student's life, sometimes you need a best friend to calm your stress. At West De Pere High School, a canine companion brings a smile to many students who may be in need of some joy. In Ms. Lenss's class, you can find some peace and clarity. Thanks to Fenton, a two year old assistance dog, the only one in Wisconsin working in a school…. Fenton isn't your average dog, from a puppy, he's been carefully trained to use his senses to serve students, from de-escalating anxiety, fears, to even knowing when someone is going to have a panic attack. "He can provide sensory feedback, for our students with autism with sensory issues, and even provide mobility support," said Lenss. …


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