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Dayton, OH: Board okays $882K for 10 school "behavioral/mental health specialists"

June 10, 2019, Dayton (OH) Daily News: Dayton schools hiring 10 new mental health specialists to assist students with trauma, behavioral issues A comprehensive spending plan recently approved by the Dayton Public Schools board includes spending $882,000 a year to hire 10 new behavioral/mental health specialists to place in schools across the district. The dollar amount is based on a $65,000 starting salary plus benefits. DPS Superintendent Elizabeth Lolli said the new employees will work directly with students struggling with trauma and mental health issues. This will supplement services provided under contract with agencies such as Samaritan Behavioral Health. “They’ll provide some support services and then some recommendations for the children to have some extended services,” she said. “We have such a need. There aren’t enough support systems in place for kids.” … Jess Davies, director of socio-emotional learning services at the Montgomery County Educational Services Center, said treating children’s mental health removes barriers children face to learning. …

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