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Davonport, IA: NEW autism therapy center opens; more centers to follow

July 24, 2023, WQAD, Davonport, IA: New center in Davenport bringing innovative approach to help kids with autism

Lighthouse Autism Center combines aspects of ABA therapy and speech therapy to create a unique approach for helping kids with autism lead more independent lives

A new center in Davenport is helping kids with autism lead more independent lives through its innovative approach to autism therapy. Lighthouse Autism Center opened its doors on June 26 - but the Davenport location is not the first.

Gregg and Sandy Maggioli started Lighthouse after their son was diagnosed with autism in 2004, according to the organization's website. What started as one center in Indiana has now spread across the Midwest. The new center in Davenport is not only the first one in the Quad Cities area but also in Iowa. …

In addition to providing therapy, Lighthouse in Davenport also conducts autism evaluations for kids two to six years old.

The center's operating hours are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., with scheduling that helps match the family's needs. It has a capacity for 21 learners and currently has an active waitlist, Mottet said.

Two more locations are set to come later this year. A new center in Clinton is currently under construction and the plan is to open in the fall. Another one in East Moline is set to open on August 14, Mottet said.


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