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Davenport, IA: $13M overspend in SPED; state board is looking into it

Nov 14, 2018, Davenport, IA, Quad City Times: State to take closer look at Davenport schools’ budget, special education program The state education department will conduct a second, more in-depth on-site visit to oversee how the Davenport school district is fixing its myriad of woes regarding overspending in its budget, violated special education plans and disproportionality in its special education programs. … Multiple state board members said the situation was so dire that they felt compelled to remain involved. “This is a bad deal. This is more than just one case, one student. We’re in the thousand number. This is serious,” state board member Josh Byrnes said. “I think we have to (go) beyond monitoring. There has to be action taken. This can’t be acceptable in the state of Iowa where we’re known for great education.” … The state is monitoring how the Davenport district is resolving multiple issues: • The district budget is overspending by more than $13 million. • The district has a disproportionate number of minority students in its special education programs. • The district violated rules for individual education plans for special-needs students by not consulting with parents….

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