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Dartmouth, MA: Elem school gets "sensory path" to help kids focus in classroom

Jan 10, 2020, Dartmouth (MA) Week: Cushman students hop and play with new sensory path Students at Cushman School have one more reason to jump for joy after the winter break, as the school has installed a new sensory path for them to hop, leap, and play…. They not only allow kids to take a break and get moving, but also help build sensory connections in the brain, so that students are better able to focus when they return to the classroom. And although the paths are often used for kids with individualized education plans (IEPs), Cushman Principal Melissa McHenry said that all of her students — Cushman educates both preschoolers and kindergarteners — can benefit from it as well. … It is located in a basement hallway near the school’s current sensory room, which is equipped with a ball pit, a trampoline, swings and tunnels for kids with IEPs as well as for indoor recess days. Although the path is brand new, the school’s speech and occupational therapists have been using it since school started back on January 6….


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