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Danbury, CT: "Unforeseen special ed costs" amount to $400K

Nov 2, 2023, Newstime, Danbury, CT: Danbury schools seek $400k to cover unforeseen special education costs

School officials seek the City Council's approval to use $400,000 to cover previously unanticipated costs due to recently adopted state legislation that affects special education students.

The legislation requires school districts to continue providing special educational services to students who reach 22 years old during the course of an academic year.

Prior to July, school districts like Danbury were not obligated to provide those services to students receiving them when they reached 22. That meant discontinued services for students whose birthdays came during the course of a school year. The statute now requires those services continue at least through the end of that year.

Officials estimated the change impacts five students in the current school year.

The City Council is not expected to take up the request until its Dec. 5 meeting. Officials confirmed a letter outlining the request has not been formally submitted by school district leaders to the council.


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