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***Dallastown, PA: "With a growing number of students requiring SPED..."

Sept 21, 2019, York (PA) Dispatch: Mental health, special ed needs on the rise in Dallastown With a growing number of students requiring special education, Dallastown Area School District might have to adjust its staffing to meet demand, officials said. Dallastown has the second-highest number of special education students in York County — 1,254 including in-district and outside placements. York City has 1,378. "We're up almost 100 students from where we were from last year," said district special education director Brett Frey during a department overview at a special board workshop Thursday, Sept. 19. "When the inn's full, what do we do?" said board member Michael Noll, Jr, asking how to save space when both the regular and special education populations are approaching capacity. Enrollment numbers have been climbing since the 2012-13 school year, and with 17.9% of its student population in special education, Dallastown is slightly above the state average, he said…. "It appears that our special ed population is growing at a much faster rate than our overall student population," said board President Ronald Blevins to Frey. "Do you feel that we're a magnet?... "Mental health needs are on the rise," Frey said. "We're seeing an increase of mental health needs within our schools — behavioral and developmental needs."… While offering these programs in-house saves money, Frey said, the challenges are having enough resources and staff for specialized programs….


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