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Cumberland Co. PA: New autism school opens

Oct 25, 2023, ABC27, Harrisburg, PA: New education center for those with autism and other special needs opened in Cumberland County

CUMBERLAND COUNTY, PA– Merakey opened a new education center in Hampden Township, Cumberland County to help children with special needs.

The center partners with families, school districts, and communities to provide safe and fun learning environments for children and young adults who have autism, and other special needs.

Rebecca Mann, Senior Vice President of Merakey said, “It’s rewarding to be a part of a team that’s working to support children who have different needs and different environments but we are excited to be here because the people that work with these children are really putting their heart and soul into making a difference so that the kids can thrive back in their community.”

Right now, 20 students are enrolled, and there is still space for more.


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