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Crozet, VA: New private special needs school opens; tuition: $19,500/yr

Foster Forge School is different, and that’s a good thing, says founder E. Anne Wachtmeister. The new private school in Crozet aims to serve children in second through eighth grades who have documented learning disabilities, or differences, as the Foster Forge team says. The school, located in rented space from Tabor Presbyterian Church, will open for classes this fall but open houses are planned over the summer, starting Saturday, to give interested families a sneak peek…. Wachtmeister said they are looking to enroll about 12 students for the upcoming year and then 20 in the 2022-23 school year. After two years, she’s hoping they can move to a permanent campus on a farm off Route 20…. As part of the application process, parents need to submit their child’s individual education plan — a document in special education that outlines specific goals, services and accommodations — along with teacher recommendations and testing and evaluation results. Tuition this year will be $19,500, according to the school’s website. The school’s slogan and driving philosophy is P.E.P., which stands for patience, experience and passion. Sticking with the acronym, students also will receive a personalized education plan for their time at Foster Forge…. As the school grows, Wachtmeister said they are counting on the students’ ideas. “We really want them to take ownership of the school,” she said.


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