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Covington, LA: Dyslexia school to open; "high demand from parents seeking help"

July 20, 2022,, New Orleans, LA: First charter school in St. Tammany, for students with dyslexia, prepares to open next month

Hilary Blender remembers how difficult it was growing up with dyslexia. Teachers offered to read for her. They told her she'd catch on eventually. As an adult, she's watched helplessly as her daughter experienced the same struggles.

“My youngest has always struggled with reading and phonics. I was afraid our little girl was not going to get the resources and help she needed,” Blender, of Covington, said.

The St. Tammany Parish school system gave her third grader an individualized education plan for developmental delay that said she was just a little behind. But an evaluation from Louisiana Key Academy Northshore said otherwise.

Operated by LKA Baton Rouge, which is entering into its ninth year, the school for dyslexic students will open its doors at a new location near the intersection of U.S 190 and North Collins Boulevard in Covington on Aug. 11, becoming the first charter school in St. Tammany.
The LKA board of directors selected the area due to high demand from parents seeking help for their children.


Around 115 students in grades 1-4 are coming not only from St. Tammany but also surrounding areas, including St. Bernard and Tangipahoa parishes. Some families are moving to St. Tammany from Mississippi. Currently, the school has a growing waiting list as it continues to receive applications….


Many parents like Blender and McArthur fear their children will be overlooked in the school system and grouped under the large umbrella of special education.

The school has partnered with the Yale University Center for Dyslexia and Creativity. The staff of 15 teachers and administrators receive ongoing training….


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