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Corvallis, MT: Montana's first autism center seeks permanent home

Feb 26, 2023, NBC Montana: Montana's first certified autism center wants to buy permanent home

CORVALLIS, Mont. — HEARTism is a non-profit community center in Corvallis, serving the needs of autistic children and young adults.

It's designed to help participants uncover and enhance their unique interests and talents. The center has leased a building in Corvallis for six-and-a-half years.

But it was recently notified that its lease will not be extended.

It's now on a capital campaign to raise money to buy a facility.

“We’re connected with approximately 50 families in the Bitterroot that have children of all different disabilities," said HEARTism founder Jessica Fitzpatrick. “So, we’re looking for a permanent place for HEARTism to call home. We are starting a capital campaign and we would like to raise funds to buy a forever home.”

HEARTism stands for 'Healing Arts for Autism and all Abilities.'

It's Montana's first certified autism center….

“We have 30 community members that we have trained in sensory awareness," said Jessica. "Those are some volunteers that work with us, but also some local police and fire.” Jessica is a certified autism specialist with a background in therapeutics, recreation and psychology.

She started HEARTism to help her own daughter Sequoia….


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