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Corpus Christi, TX: Barbershop offers "safe space" for clients with sensory needs

July 24, 2023, News3, Corpus Christi, TX: South Texas barbershop creates a safe space for those who have sensory friendly needs

Meeting the needs of clients with special abilities can be challenging for some businesses, but with the skill set of the barbers and stylists at Courtesy Barber Studio, they live up to the shop's name.

3NEWS met with one of the studio's stylists, Bella Styles. For her, creating experiences that make people feel good is just as important as making them look good.

"Especially in this industry, I want everyone to feel beautiful," she said.

Styles is a cosmetologist at Courtesy Barber Studio. She explained, "It shouldn't be 'are you able to do this,' or 'are you able to sit still', ok then you're able to feel beautiful."

For Styles, catering her craft for people with sensory sensitive needs is a basic necessity. What isn't basic is the reaction she gets from parents who are often turned away for their child's service.

"Their face is just like 'ah', and their shoulders drop," she said.

It is a sigh of relief for parents of autistic children….

Rivera said all of her stylists and barbers can accommodate sensory friendly services….

"The music, we can turn it down," Styles said. "We cannot use our dryers, so they're not overwhelmed. It's just little things here and there that we've all picked up," Styles said….


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