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Coral Springs, FL: Sensory room in Jewish preschool helps with meltdowns in toddlers

June 28, 2019, South Florida Sun Sentinel: Synagogue preschool’s sensory room provides pathway to learning A sensory room at Temple Beth Orr's Kuhn Early Childhood Center in Coral Springs has benefited children who need time to regroup, be redirected or are just on overload. Nina’s Sensory Room and Computer Lab, opened in May in dedication to a deceased beloved teacher named Nina Tanner. The room, which features sensory items and computers, has been used by preschool children who are enrolled in TBO’s Early Childhood Center and Camp Yeladim. Eileen Kaplan, the synagogue’s ECC and camp director, said that the whole idea for the room is to turn the lights off, play soft music and have aromatherapy. "A lot of kids just need some extra play time," she said. "For example, their playtime ended too quickly in the class and now they're upset and they have a little meltdown, so we bring them in here to this sensory room as everything here has a feel to it. There's sandpaper, carpeting, bouncy toys, kinetic sand and other kinds of similar stuff. The kids need that kind of stimulation."… “I’m a special ed elementary school teacher, so I’m really familiar with a lot of the sensory items and I work a lot with children who have ASD [autism spectrum disorder] and who need a lot of that sensory type intervention. I’m familiar with it, and I know it works with preschoolers, both with and without disabilities. It’s something great for them to be able to do, so when Eileen brought the idea to me, I said that of course I will help her and put the room together. I thought it would benefit my children and everyone at Temple Beth Orr.”…


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