Columbus, OH: Yoga used in school for "calming down and coping"

Dec 18, 2017, Columbus (OH) Dispatch: Yoga takes place of detention at Lancaster High School … Students given detention for misbehavior may take a yoga class instead under a program that started this school year. … The hour-long, after-school yoga classes are open to all students. Besides the students who have taken the class in lieu of an hour-long detention, some have chosen it on their own, and guidance counselors also have referred some students with stress or anxiety to the class for its therapeutic breathing and calming exercises. The REaCT program (Restorative Exercises and Coping Techniques) is intended to teach disruptive or anxious students techniques for calming down and coping. Students who have not been taught to manage stress sometimes act out. Yoga’s breathing, stretching and mindfulness techniques provide students with healthier ways to manage the daily hassles of life, said yoga instructor Lauren Greenspan.