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Columbus, OH: Academy for disabled kids expands; "one in 5 children" affected

Feb 24, 2022, Columbus (OH) Dispatch: New Albany-based Marburn Academy opens second facility near Grandview to expand reach

…New Albany-based Marburn Academy decided to branch out to serve more areas closer to the center of Columbus, said Stephanie Royal, director of outreach for the organization. "We wanted to be more accessible to the community, and we're able to do that here," Royal said. Marburn Academy, established in 1981, has been helping children who learn differently because of dyslexia, ADHD and executive functions, such as organization, planning projects and memorization. The building space offers free and reduced-fee educational services to central Ohio students, she said. For now it is serving children in grades 1-5, with the expectations of widening the scope to middle schoolers, Royal said…. One in five children has a learning disability, and in central Ohio, that's 50,000 students, Royal said. Marburn Academy's specialized approach gives students a stronger focus on a particular area of deficiency, she said…. Autism is not a primary focus for Marburn; however, the school and the Marburn Education Collaborative program support a small number of students on the spectrum….


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