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Columbia, SC: Museum hosts 'Sensory Night' for children with autism

Aug 19, 2022, WLTX, Columbia, SC: How EdVenture is tailoring services for kids with autism Museums can be difficult for kids who deal with sensory challenges. EdVenture is offering special nights so those visitors feel welcome.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Bright lights, loud noises, and tons of activities are just some of the ways that EdVenture tailors their space for your kids. However, for some children these factors can make a fun time anything but inviting. Dr. Kathie Williams is the health and safety advisor at EdVenture. She explains the difficulties some families face.

"Many times children living with autism or other sensory or developmental issues find it hard to play happily in such a stimulating place. "
Her solution to that problem was the creation of 'Sensory Night.' On the third week of every other month, EdVenture turns into a sensory safe environment for 2 hours.
"We're extending the hours, we're also keeping the stimulation of lights and sounds down and we're providing some activities from our education department."

The museum cuts its attendance down to 100 people, which is only a fraction of the possible 1000 that Williams says can come through the door during a peak day. Tracy McGuire visited EdVenture on Friday with his son Liam and says he's privileged to not need an event like the Sensory Night for his son, but as a parent, empathizes with the families.

"Certain children do not do as well in large groups, it can be difficult sometime for an adult to think straight when you have children screaming left and I think it's a good idea for children to come in a much more quiet environment."


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