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Columbia, SC: Mom raises autism awareness

Mar 28, 2024, WIS 10, Columbia, SC: Soda City Live: SHOUT Autism


Founder of SHOUT, Brandi Montgomery: I have a son who has autism. He is five now. He was originally diagnosed when he was three.

After his diagnosis, I was brand new to the autism background. I didn’t know which direction to turn. I didn’t have anyone guiding me through the path of what to do next.

If I’m feeling like this, I can only imagine what other moms or other dads are feeling.

So I was like, let me create an organization where I can be a help to someone who is in the same position that I am.

I wanted to connect families to different resources that I was connected to.  . . .

I started back in 2022, so we had the first ever autism awareness walk in Kershaw County back in 2022. . . .

This will be our second annual. The first one we had about maybe 70 people. This one, so far, we have 105 people registered.  . .


I have met plenty of moms . . . that have reached out and asked questions. . . .


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