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Columbia, MO: School board discusses use of restraint/seclusion

Aug 19, 2019, Missourian: Columbia schools policy committee discusses restraint of children and recording of teachers Members of the Columbia School Board’s policy committee Monday continued discussions on two contentious issues: when teachers can restrain students and when parents can record teachers. But it’s not clear when either might be heading to a vote by the full board. The policy discussion on use of restraint in schools comes as the Columbia School District is facing a lawsuit over the seclusion and restraint of a kindergarten student. Andrew Hirth, the attorney representing the family, said the case is proceeding after a judge ruled against the district’s motion to dismiss it. No trial date has been set yet. … …. The school district’s seclusion, isolation and restraint policy describes when those measures can be used with children; it also includes requirements for training district personnel and notifying parents. Schools already are required to notify parents or guardians, either in writing or verbally, the same day their child has been restrained, isolated or secluded. School officials are discussing how soon the district would be required to provide a fuller, written report. The draft policy proposes that it be provided within 10 days. But during the policy meeting, Superintendent Peter Stiepleman proposed giving the district leeway to take more than 10 days, “if an extension is needed.” …


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