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Colorado: New law restricts suspending/expelling pre-K-2nd grade kids; 6,000 last year

Mar 18, 2019, KDVR—TV, Denver, CO: New Colorado bill would limit suspensions for pre-K to 2nd grade students DENVER -- State Representatives will debate a bill in the House chambers this week aimed at curbing the number of young students suspended or expelled in Colorado each year. The bill would make the standards for expelling and suspending students stricter, while continuing to give school administrators the ultimate say. The Colorado Children's Campaign has been fighting for the bill for three years. It pulled statistics from the Department of Education and found last year, nearly 6,000 preschool through 2nd grade students were suspended or expelled in Colorado. The group broke the numbers down further and found boys, children of color and children with disabilities were disproportionately impacted. … ... Sometimes a suspension is necessary to resolve a safety issue, but if it’s not a safety issue, there is no evidence that removing a child from school helps them adjust their behavior, especially at this young age when kids don’t understand cause and effect like an older child does," said Jaeger. The bill is focused on public preschool through 2nd grade because this is the age at which kids are developing an understanding of themselves at school and children’s brains are most malleable….


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