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Colorado: $400,000 grant for "suicide prevention training" for all school employees

June 24, 2018, Denver Post: Colorado schools get $400,000 in grant funding for suicide prevention but many say much more is needed Colorado schools will soon divide $400,000 into small grants to pay for suicide-prevention training for all campus employees, including teachers, front-desk attendants and custodians. The training, supporters say, is designed to bolster the fight against a rising tide of suicides by youths. … The school training grants — from $5,000 to $10,000 for each campus — will be available in January and must be used to train all school personnel on the warning signs of impending suicide attempts, diffuse crisis situations and connect troubled people to mental health services…. “I believe our youth are under so much pressure to try and fit in,” Hawley said. “Always after the latest fashion trying to be like their rich music idol. Trying to be part of something by taking part in a foolish online challenge.”… …Hawley said. “Suicide does not discriminate on age. We have 10- and 11-year-old babies who are taking their own lives.”…

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