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Cody, WY: More SPED students necessitate hiring additional SPED teacher

May 24, 2019, Cody (WY) Enterprise: Cody School District hiring additional special ed teacher The Cody School District is hiring another special education teacher for the upcoming school year in response to an influx of students with special needs entering the high school. “Our numbers have continued to go up,” special education director Peg Monteith said. “This adds additional numbers, additional service minutes that at our current staffing level we can’t meet.” She said the reason for the increase is due to a combination of factors, including identifying more students in need and having more moving in…. Monteith doesn’t want teachers with too many cases. “For a special ed teacher to manage a case load of 19 students gets really difficult,” she said. “And then there’s all the paperwork each case takes in addition. It’s about enough to drive people out of the profession. I don’t want to see that.”… The average number of students with disabilities at the high school has ranged 80-90 over the past four years. Next year the count will be more than 100. …


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