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CNN: Autistic boy died in restraints a year ago; 3 charged with manslaughter

Nov 14, 2019, CNN: 3 school staff members to be charged in the restraining death of California boy with autism Three ex-employees of a shuttered Northern California alternative school each face an involuntary manslaughter charge after a 2018 incident in which an autistic student died after being restrained, a prosecutor says…. They are scheduled to be arraigned late Wednesday afternoon. CNN is trying to contact the staffers and their attorneys. Guiding Hands School Inc., which owned the now-closed private alternative school in El Dorado Hills, will also be charged with a count of felony involuntary manslaughter, according to the news release. The 13-year old boy, whose name authorities have not released, was restrained on November 28, 2018 after he became violent, the El Dorado County Sheriff's Office said.


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