CNBC: Goldie Hawn working to counter social media's effects on youth; 'almost an epidemic'

Feb 11, 2018, CNBC: We’re almost in a mental health epidemic, says Goldie Hawn, and change needs to start young "We have a serious problem of mental illness today, it's almost an epidemic — we have to really look at it, and not be afraid to look at it, in order to mitigate some of these problems and create a stronger emotional stability," Hawn stressed. "Yes, there's going to be mental illness, but not where it is today." The Hawn Foundation, which she created in 2003, has produced MindUP, a teaching and learning framework developed for children and pre-teens in schools all over the world to help with mindfulness and emotional learning. Fifteen years after its inception, MindUP operates in hundreds of schools across 11 countries. "Every child deserves an equal chance to thrive, and so together with researchers, scientists, and educators I created the MindUP program," the foundation's website says. "It was a dream to have a foundational program that will help children's mental stability and resilience basically throughout the world, because we need it," Hawn said. … Does social media play a role in endangering the mental health of young people? Absolutely, the actress believes…. She shared some sentiment with actor and comedian Jim Carrey, who recently announced he was selling his Facebook shares and closing his account after criticizing the effect the social media giant was having on young people.