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Cleveland, OH: OP ED piece decries lack of discipline in schools

Aug 11, 2019, School discipline should be an academic priority: Tim Moriarty (Opinion) Guest columnist Tim Moriarty, a Canton native, has had a 30-plus year career as an educator, serving as a journalism professor and English teacher. He was named a Golden Apple Teacher of Distinction in Lee County, Florida, and has worked as a substitute teacher for more than six years in Stark County. Want to know what’s going on in the schools? A lot more than you think -- and what teachers often see would surprise you. It takes committed leadership to consistently enforce high standards among pupils. And it starts and ends with discipline. Lack of discipline in the classroom leads to lower academic achievements. Small clusters of students consistently keep others from learning. Some teachers spend about 50 percent of their time dealing with the "disrupters" and classroom discipline. It takes its toll on the energy and morale of teachers. …


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