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Clearwater, FL: Autism academy asks for support

Oct 27, 2022, WFRS, Clearwater, FL: Autism Inspired Academy making a difference, relying on the community to support their mission

Autism Inspired Academy in Clearwater serves students in different ways. “Ever since I came to this academy, my life has been changed,” student Noah Kraig said.

Three years ago, Cher Harris started Autism Inspired Academy after quitting her job as a public school teacher in the Pinellas County School System….

“The staff here is absolutely amazing. I’ve never seen anything like it,” said Lori Celli, who’s a teacher and a parent of a student at the school…. Now Autism Inspired Academy wants the community to know they’re open and need support. “It does take a village to educate a child with autism, and that takes community partners, that takes people that can help with scholarships, and funding, and donations. It takes people coming in and volunteering their time,” Harris said. “Just anything that can help the students, we will definitely entertain it."

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