Clarksville, TN: Teacher charged with abusing autistic child; claims lack of support

Aug 18, 2017, The Clarksville (TN) Leaf-Chronicle: Former Clarksville teacher blames school system in autistic child abuse case A former kindergarten teacher facing a federal lawsuit and child abuse charges told school officials that she was in a "no-win" situation and did not receive requested training on how to deal with a child with autism who was disrupting her classroom. St. Bethlehem Elementary School teacher Bonnie Conn resigned in February after two incidents in which she was reprimanded for dragging a child out of her classroom by his arm and leaving him crying and unsupervised in a hallway. ... According to her school personnel file, Conn was reassigned from the school to her home on Feb. 10 and resigned while "termination charges were pending."... In December, she said, she asked for someone to get the child at 10 a.m. but no one was available and he disrupted her class all day long. Another teacher took him three times but he would not behave for her either. She said the child was counseled but did not improve. Conn said that she had asked for training for children with autism before she knew she was getting an autistic child in her classroom and notes she was "not an inclusion teacher for kindergarten."