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Clarksburg, WV: Suicide "second-leading cause of death among teens"

Dec 2, 2018, Clarksburg (WV) News: Suicide now the second-leading cause of death among teens … Experts say that personal and family history, conflicts at home or school, lack of parental interest, personality disorders, illnesses and past abuse or trauma can all play a part. That’s not to mention the hormonal instability, immaturity and lack of experience that are typical of adolescence. In other words, suicide is often the result of a “perfect storm” of interrelated psychological problems, many of which are not under the victim’s conscious control. Depression is one of the most common conditions among teenagers contemplating suicide. They may lose interest in their favorite activities or say they feel worthless. You may even notice them giving away prized possessions, telling people goodbye or isolating from family and friends. They may also be involved in drugs and alcohol or act out with reckless behavior. And be sure to watch out for romantic breakups, problems with bullies or humiliating situations at school. Those events can trigger a downward spiral into suicidal behavior. And, like what happened at my boys’ school, one suicide may prompt other teens to follow suit.

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