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Clark Cty, NV: 5 year old with autism beaten by SPED teacher

July 28, 2018, Rochester (NY) First: Father speaks out about autistic son's alleged beating at school LAS VEGAS, N.V. (KLAS-TV) - A father is speaking out after his autistic child was reportedly beaten by a special education teacher. Clark County School District Police arrested Melody Carter at Harmon Elementary School back in May after an aide accused her of hitting the 5-year-old with a stick. The child's father is now speaking out almost three months after the alleged incident. He is still very upset, especially because, he says, the teacher may get away with a slap on a wrist and his son is still traumatized…. A classroom aide told police she saw the special education teacher hit JJ about five times for taking his shoes off and only stopped after the last swing broke the stick. The aide recalls Carter saying, "I have more of those." Police found bruises on the child's legs…. Wahrer says JJ has been acting out more after the alleged abuse and cringes at the sight of anything that resembles a wooden pointer. "The bruises have healed. Mentally, we're not sure cause he can't tell us how he's doing," Wahrer said. …

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